AVATAR is a film with a vast story to tell that goes way beyond the 2007 theatrical release. When Jim Cameron announced he was going to make 3 more AVATAR films, his company Lightstorm Entertainment started looking for a team that could begin to rebuild the social media awareness around AVATAR, now that it was going to become a franchise.

We were approached to be one of many agencies to come in and pitch concepts for the new franchise. We were given strict guidelines around what could and could not be talked about in regards to the film’s production.

One night I was driving home and the moon was bright in the sky on the horizon and a concept struck me. AVATAR takes place on the exoplanet moon, PANDORA. What if we were to use PANDORA as our central point of conversation. Anything we posted or created would be somehow related to PANDORA as if it were real, an actual interstellar body that existed now. The team were engaged by the concept and instantly began to expand it into the social platforms.

The pitch and current campaign are called…


As part of the pitch, we looked at each social platform as a way to educate fans about PANDORA and which platforms would serve to cannon of the film and which would be used for current updates.

One of the most creative uses of social media is how we use Instagram and SoundCloud to teach fans NAVI, the native language of the indigenous tribes on PANDORA.

We were awarded the social agency of record status and continue to create and maintain all the AVATAR social communications.

Below are images representing each social platform. Clicking on them will redirect you the actual platform.

The next AVATAR film is expected to be in theaters in 2019.

Instagram and SoundCloud – Learn NAVIinsta_sndcld

tumblr – Visuals Of PANDORA


Pinterest – The Film: Shot by Shot


Facebook – Updates For The Fan Base


Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director
  • Mike Gottschalk – Associate Creative Director
  • Andrew Culp – Social Strategist
  • Jonathon Clark – Producer