Disney Epic Mickey 2


When the first Disney Epic Mickey was released for the Wii in 2011, I was the Creative Director on the video content campaign. The core creative for the campaign was all about bringing Walt’s forgotten original animated character, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, back into the Disney family. That campaign had multiple deliverables with over 45 total minutes of video content.

The other exciting aspect of Disney Epic Mickey was getting to work with video game icon Warren Spector. Warren is not only a groundbreaking game designer,  his passion for Disney and Oswald gave us access to him and his team throughout the game’s development cycle.

On the success of that content helping to drive the gaming communities embrace of the game, I was asked to return with my team for Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two.

Warren and his team were also back and the content needed to go deeper and to reach a wider audience.

We pitched and produced a concept that took the opportunity to go with Warren to Disneyland and shoot a walking tour with him as he described the park’s inspiration in the game’s art and development.

As with any Disney project, storytelling plays a big part of the content; not just the content we were creating, but the game’s storyline as well. For the above content, not only did we get to spend time with Warren, but legendary comic book writer Marv Wolfman.

The content for Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two was over 1:30 minutes of engaging storytelling, game development insights, and creative platform deliverables.

As part of the deliverables, we shot a music video for DJ Cole Plante, who was on Disney’s Hollywood Records label. Cole created several unique tracks for the game’s promotional and marketing teams.

Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director/Writer/Video Director
  • Michael Brosnan – Producer/Writer/Video Director
  • Hideo Igawa – Art Director