HITMAN Agent 47


For the theatrical trailer release of HITMAN AGENT 47, FOX wanted an influencer campaign that would gain press and stand out in a crowded media window. Taking the core concept of the film, I started with the idea that anyone could be the target of a hitman. When you least expect it, it could all be over and you wouldn’t see it coming. I then took that idea and wrapped it in the concept of influencers doing their outreach to their followers with a sneak peak at an exciting new HITMAN movie and they had received a bootlegged copy just for their followers.

Just before they hit “upload”, our Hitman enters the frame and takes them out.

We coordinated all the production where needed and worked hands-on with each influencer on script, timing and of course provided the HITMAN. All the influencer posts went up the day before the real trailer was going to be released. Under our agreement with each influencer, they could not make any further posts until after the real trailer was released the following day.

As a second phase to the theatrical campaign, we created the 47 Days of Hitman social media content campaign. For this less violent campaign, we released exclusive curated content for 47 days leading up to the films domestic release and we dropped a new piece of content each day. The content came from our targeted social media influencers. We targeted individuals both inside the action-adventure demographic and non-traditional film social media influencers. From alternative pop culture poster artists to popular cat Instagramers, fans never knew what the content was going to be.





Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director
  • Jordan Riker – Producer
  • Andrew Culp -Social Strategist
  • Hanzel Haro – Art Director