Since I have a proven reputation as a huge fan of all things Super Heroes and Sci-Fi, my client at Disney Consumer Products asked me to help troubleshoot some consumer messaging issues the brand team was having with a new Toys To Life product for Marvel’s Avengers.

From that point on, my team at space150 and I were engaged to produce multiple assets for the launch campaign.

Our first piece of content was a :30 second broadcast spot that would tease the product with an in-world VO narrative and a call to action that the Avengers “needed your help”.

This spot ran in heavy rotation on DisneyXD and the Disney Channel. It was also in the theatrical pre-roll for 2500+ theaters during the following holiday season.

The success of the spot online was recognized with the 2016 Best Toy & Hobby Online Video Internet Advertising Award.

The video and digital campaign encompassed more than 40 plus deliverables, including:

  • B2B sales sizzle videos
  • Consumer-facing information videos
  • A POP call-to-action interactive video played in the retail aisle
  • “How To” instructional videos
  • A live action shoot at Disney’s D23 convention
  • User testimonials

This was shot at Disney’s annual D23 fan convention. It was the first opportunity for consumers to get a hands-on demonstration of the product. We shot over 2 days and captured hours of footage for use in several different video deliverables.

The above video was played at retail stores on an iPad in the point of purchase display. It was motion activated as store shoppers walked by. It was an in world narrative by none other than Jarvis and Ironman. At the end of the video, the viewer was presented with four optional video selections that would take them deeper into the product description.

As a proof of concept, we put together this cut down of a few of our produced assets to create a high energy, broadcast spot.

With a limited budget and a short timeline, we were asked to produce a “How It Works” video. This video would speak to the consumer and educate them on this new style of wearable technology and screenless gameplay.

Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director/Video Director
  • Jonathon Clark – Producer
  • Mike Gottschalk – Associate Creative Director
  • Michelle Brady – Designer