The Gamer’s Guide To Wreck-It Ralph


The Gamer’s Guide To Wreck-It Ralph was hosted by stand-up comedian and pop culture enthusiast Chris Hardwick. Wreck-It Ralph is full of hidden game references, Hidden Mickeys and visual easter eggs. The concept behind the content was to give fans a hosted guide so that they could see these secrets for themselves. This was a series of content pods created for online promotion and as added value content on the home entertainment release of the film.

There were fourteen videos in the campaign. Each hinted at or directed the viewer to easily missed gems that are well worth paying attention to.

As part of Chris Hardwick’s agreement, his own pop culture fansite ( would get an exclusive piece of content to both promote the film and his involvement with the new franchise.

Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director/Writer/Video Director
  • Michael Brosnan – Producer/Writer
  • Jonathon Clark – Associate  Producer
  • Hanel Haro – Art Director
  • Mateo Rendon – Editor