LEGO Dimensions


For the launch of LEGO Dimensions, Warner Bros. wanted to to do an influencer campaign to help educate LEGO fans on what this game’s unique positioning and gameplay offering was. Instead of reaching out to a wide range of influencer talent, we created a theme for  a series of scripted unboxing videos and then we targeted two influencer talents that were active in this space and were proven fans of the traditional LEGO brand.

The Totally Top Secret Dylan and Augie Project was created to drive this campaign over a period of months. With GameStop and Wii U as the sponsors, there were fourteen episodes scripted, shot and produced. One episode was released weekly leading up to the holiday season. Each episode focused on a different IP, or reveal, about the gameplay.  Fans got the opportunity to experience sneak peaks as well as educate themselves on IP’s that they may or may not know too much about.

For the final episode, we created a flashback style show. this gave our hosts the opportunity to reminisce on some of their favorite moments and highlights from the product itself.

All fourteen episodes of The Totally Top Secret Dylan and Augie Project are available on YouTube.

Core Team:

  • Alan Hellard – Creative Director
  • Jordan Riker – Producer
  • Matt  Lambro – Director